1. 您的姓名:
2. (单词)adj.成功的
3. (短语)把...装满
4. (单词) v. 出席;参加
5. (单词)n. 储备;储藏;v.预定
6. (短语)  注意;
7. (短语)脱落;掉落
8. (单词)  adv. 否则;不然
9. — The talent show Youth With You (⻘春有你) is becoming hotter and hotter online.

— Exactly. Half of our class ________interested in it recently.

A. is           B. are          C. was
10. — Look! Mr. Green is at the end of the street.

— No. It ______be him. He has gone to England.

A. mustn't         B. won't        C. shouldn't       D. can't
11. — Who will give us the speech on public manners?

— Mr. Brown________ , but I'm not sure.

A. can          B. need         C. must         D. might
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