Fall 2023 MSU Global Virtual Networking Series- Employer Registration

1. Organization//组织(公司)名称
2. Contact Person Last Name//联系人姓
3. Contact Person First Name//联系人名
4. Title//联系人职位
5. Contact Person Phone Number//联系人电话
6. Contact Person Email//联系人电子邮件地址
7. WeChat Account//微信账号
8. Which region does your office represent?
Time Availability
9. Our Global Virtual Career Trek is typically scheduled between 8-10 pm EST, which is 8-10 am China Time.
Working Eligibility
10. Which nationalities your office are able to hire?
Target Audience
11. Which majors are you looking to hire?
12. What is the language proficiency requirement for your positions? (Except English)
13. What specific openings/ programs are you going to promote during the session?
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