The Hub beauty brand consumer demand survey

1. age:
2. gender:
3. Residence:
4. are you a customer of the hub?
5. are you willing to recommend the hub to other friends?
6. do you consider environmental protection and sustainability when purchasing products?
7. are you willing to buy beauty products made of natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials?
8. do you think the hub is suitable for launching its own brand of beauty products?
9. the beauty products you are most interested in buying are:
10. if the hub launched its own brand of beauty products, would you consider buying them?
11. In your opinion, which of the following aspects does the Hub brand perform well? (multiple choices)
12. When you buy beauty products, which of the following factors influence your purchasing decision? (multiple choices)
13. What are your expectations for the Hub's possible private label beauty products? (multiple choices)
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