Pre Induction test on corporate culture

Dear OPPOers!

Welcome on board. OPPO has been growing for nearly a decade. Today's success has been built upon the corporate culture that we have always upheld. As the 'soft power' of the company, the corporate culture is where the core competitiveness of OPPO resides. Culture motivates wave after wave of like - minded people to join our ongoing cause. In that way is OPPO's corporate culture attractive?
Before you begin the formal course in our corporate culture, lets do a little pre-course warm up.

Friendly Remainder: You need to score 80 points or more to pass this test. Those who score less than 80 points need to retake this test again, before they can join the induction training program.
1. What organization are you in ?
2. Employee ID
3. Name
4. "To keep it simple and stay focused to meet the core needs of our target users" is a key idea in which of the following values?
5. Which of the following values is exemplified by the “Spirit of Craftsmanship"?
6. Which of the following is intrinsic to "Benfen"?
7. When competitors attack us, which of the following methods of response is correct?
8. Which of the following is an incorrect description of what "result oriented" entails?
9. Which of the following statements is correct about the regulation on the "Prohibition on Nepotism"?
10. Which of the following actions are not a requirement for "information security"?
11. Which of the following is not a corrupt practice that is in violation of the provisions in the Code of Integrity?
12. Which of the following is not the "Win-win Cooperation" that we advocate when working with business partners?
13. Which of the following is not a "Part-time Act" prohibited by the company?
14. What is our company's vision?
15. What is our company's mission?
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