Blond Amsterdam questionnaire to customer

大家好,这是一个关于荷兰国民品牌BLOND AMSTERDAM在中国市场认知度的调查,感谢大家抽取时间回答。
1. 你的性别 Your gender?
2. 你的年龄段是?Your age group 
3. 你的收入水平大概是?(月可支配收入)
4. 请问你平时购买的是以下哪个品牌的陶瓷产品?
Which of the following brands you usually purchase from?
5. 根据上一问的选择,请问你为什么会选择这个/这些陶瓷品牌的产品?
Based on your choices for the previous question, why will you prefer the ceramic products by this/those brand(s)?
6. 请问你是否听说或了解过BLOND AMSTERDAM?
Have you ever heard of and purchased from BLOND AMSTERDAM?
7. 你是否会因为BLOND AMSTERDAM是一个荷兰知名品牌从而更愿意去了解他?
Would you prefer BLOND AMSTERDAM more than its substitutes due to its foreign origin?
8. 以下是BLOND AMSTERDAM部分手绘陶瓷产品的照片,均来自BLOND AMSTERDAM天猫旗舰店 (

9. 你是否认为BLOND AMSTERDAM与你所接触到手绘或一般陶瓷产品在风格上有所不同?
Do you think BLOND AMSTERDAM differentiates itself from other hand-painted or ordinary ceramic houseware products? 
10. 站在中国消费者的审美角度来看,你认为BLOND AMSTERDAM产品的手绘风格如何?
In the perspective of Chinese customers, what do you think about BLOND AMSTERDAM's hand-painting style?
11. 你认为以下产品的售价应该在哪个价格范围内?
Please choose the ideal price levels for the products shown below.

  • Under¥50
  • ¥51-¥80
  • ¥81-¥110
  • ¥111-¥150
  • ¥151-¥180
12. 对于手绘陶瓷类的产品,你更愿意在线下旗舰店了解和购买还是更愿意偏向于线上网购?
Which would you prefer the most, off-line or on-line stores?
13. 你更愿意在下面哪种方式中了解一个新的品牌?
In the following options, which will you prefer the most in terms of promotion. 
14. 请问你认为一个好的品牌应该如何深得人心,从而增加消费者的忠诚度?
In your opinion, in what way can a brand gain customer loyalty? What kind of traits are required?
15. 最能打动你购买某品牌陶瓷产品的主要因素是什么?
What is the key driven force pushing you to purchase the ceramic products of a certain brand?
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