Course Assessment 课程评估表

Course Assessment 课程评估表
1. The preparation / invitation went as smooth as scheduled 准备与邀请顺利进行
2. The Instructor created a nice working environment for the group 讲师为培训营造了非常好的氛围
3. The handouts will serve well for future reference 讲义能够提供很好的参考
4. The daily schedule was adequately planned and balanced 日程表安排恰当、合理
5. The course content was clearly structured and balanced 课程内容结构明晰、均衡
6. The course contents adequately fulfilled my expectations 课程内容充分满足我的期望
7. The instructor effectively addressed the participants' needs and wishes 讲师有效地满足了参与者的需求与愿望
8. The training contents will be useful for practical experience 培训内容对实际应用有益
9. The instructors competence was convincing 讲师的能力令人信服
10. The Instructor clearly communicated the course contents 讲师清楚地传达了此课程的内容
11. The methodology of the course contents was diverse and varied 课程内容的教授方法多样化
12. General impression:总体印象 1 believe the course in general was ... 我认为此课程总体上是…
13. Would you recommend the course to others? 您会向他人推荐此课程吗?
14. What was the most unique aspect about the course for you?您认为此课程最独特之处是什么?
15. What did you most enjoy and why?你最喜欢此课程的什么、为什么?
16. With your own words, how would you describe the usefulness of this course? 您用自己的话将如何描述此课程的用处所在?
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