college students sleep habits questionnaire

hello everyone we are students of Guangdong vocational and technical college, in order to understand the sleep habits of college students to do a questionnaire This questionnaire is anonymous survey please rest assured. There is no right or wrong answer, hope to answer truthfully, thank you for your cooperation.
1. Your gender?(你的性别?)
2. What time do you usually go to bed?(你通常什么时候睡觉?)
3. What time do you get up every day?(你每天几点起床?)
4. How many hours do you sleep a day on average?(你平均每天睡几个小时?)
5. Do you still play with your cellphone you go to bed?(你睡觉的时候还在玩手机吗?)
6. Do you always put off your sleep?(你总是推迟睡觉吗?)
7. Do you snore when you sleep?(你睡觉时打鼾吗?)
8. Do you have sleeplessness?(你失眠吗?)
9. What do you think of you getting enough sleep?(你觉得你睡得够饱吗?)
10. what do you think better sleep habits?(你还知道什么更好的睡眠习惯?)
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